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The Troll Trail from Rondane to Lillehammer

Price NOK:
17 550,-
Days: 9
7 x accommodation incl. breakfast.
6 x dinner and self packed lunch/refill thermos (except Lillehammer).
1 x accommodation in DNT-self service hut incl. ingredients for all meals.
Luggage transfer (except day 6 and 7).
Map and tour description.
Transfer from/to Oslo Airport.
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Do you have a dream of exploring high mountains, pristine plateaus, and birch tree forests - all in their winter splendour and all in one exciting trip? This is a 9-day self-guided tour with luggage transfer, following a continuous way-marked ski trail of approximately 165 km. The daily stages are from 20 to 35 km.
Hailed by cross-country skiing enthusiasts as one of Europe’s must-do adventures, the Troll Trail offers excellent terrain, surroundings and conditions for Nordic skiing. The ski trail passes south, through miles of untouched nature. It starts at Høvringen, next to the Rondane National Park, and runs south via the mountains of Ringebu to the Olympic city of Lillehammer. Overnight stays at comfortable hotels and mountain lodges, and one night in a traditional self-service cabin. 
Varied and relatively easy terrain, with no steep mountains or peaks to climb. Most of the trail runs in high mountain terrain, above the tree line, and offers excellent views of the peaks and surroundings. 

NB! This is a demanding ski tour for experienced skiers with a good level of fitness (over average). The tour is self-guided. We provide maps and tour descriptions. That the trail goes through some quite remote areas. Close to most accommodations, the tracks are groomed daily. In other areas the trail is not maintained at all, or only once a week. The weather can be rough, with heavy snowfall and winds. Under such conditions, it is difficult to maintain the tracks, and you must follow markings and be able to use the maps and a compass in addition to the tour description.

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  • This is a self-guided tour. This means going on your own and decide your own speed. You can take a break, shortcut or detour whenever you want. The tour includes luggage transfer.

    TOUR DATES 2024:
    29 February – 8 March
    7 – 15 March
    14 – 22 March

    NUMBER OF DAYS: 9 days

    DISTANCE: 165 km

    LEVEL: This is a demanding tour. The Troll Trail requires that you are an experienced and well-trained skier. You must be able to use a map and compass and have the right clothes and equipment for rough high mountain terrain. This tour has some demanding day trips in open mountain terrain where the trails are ungroomed and only marked with bamboo sticks. 

  • Day 1, THURSDAY: Arrival in Høvringen

    Train and bus from Oslo Airport to Otta.
    Departure at about 14:30 (the timetable for 2024 is not available yet)
    Hotel transfer to Høvringen.
    Høvringen, a small village located at the border of the picturesque Rondane National Park. You enter grounds that have inspired numerous Norwegian painters, writers and composers with its beauty and imposing nature. Høvringen used to be dominated by mountain farms, but since the end of the 19th century, tourism has come to be one of the defining characteristics of the area.

    Dinner and accommodation at Rondane Haukliseter Mountain Hotel

  • Day 2, FRIDAY: Ski in the area of Høvringen

    Today you can test the ski equipment and explore the terrain and tracks at Høvringen, a beautiful gem in the heart of the Norwegian mountains. Rondane is known for its rugged terrain and pristine wilderness, making it an ideal starting point for this epic ski adventure.
    You find more than 150 km of marked and prepared trails in both forest- and mountain terrain. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to ski off the prepared and marked trails.

    Dinner and accommodation at Rondane Haukliseter Mountain Hotel

  • Day 3, SATURDAY: Ski Høvringen - Kvamsfjellet, 28 km

    Long but relatively easy day trip. This leg leads through high-mountain sceneries at approx. 1000 m.a.s.l. There is an uphill for the first 5 km and then easy terrain to Mysuseter and Kvamsfjellet. You pass Smuksjøseter Moutain Lodge, with a cafeteria. You also pass the Peer Gynt Hut.  There is no service at the Peer Gynt hut during winter but it’s a nice place for a rest. There is a small shop and cafeteria at Mysuseter. Look back when you cross Lake Furusjøen to see the characteristic Rondane massif to the northeast.
    The trail is groomed, but some of it just occasionally. 

    Dinner and accommodation at Hotel Rondablikk

  • Day 4, SUNDAY: Ski Kvamsfjellet - Venabygdsfjellet, 33 km (17 km without groomed tracks)

    Long and demanding day trip. First some easy skiing past the Furusjøen lake. Then a steep uphill with no groomed tracks, partly through birch forest, before you enter Rondane National Park and the high mountain plateaux. There are no groomed tracks through the protected area, just sticks to mark the trail.
    The route passes a valley with the possibility to rest at Eldåbu self-service hut. Besides this, there is nowhere to go inside for a rest.
    You continue southeast through relatively flat terrain and some uphill to Venabygdsfjellet. You find excellent groomed tracks for the last 6 km towards the hotel.

    Dinner and accommodation at Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane

  • Day 5, MONDAY: Ski Venabygdsfjellet to Øksendalen, 23 km

    Easy/moderate day trip in open high mountain terrain and some birch forest. Mostly groomed tracks, but not regularly. There is no option for an indoor rest today.

    Dinner and accommodation (in huts/apartments) at Friisvegen Mountain Lodge

  • Day 6, TUESDAY: Ski Øksendalen - Vetåbu, 20 km

    Easy/moderate leg in open high mountain terrain. Mostly groomed tracks, but not regularly. Some uphill as you start at 870 and end at 1000 m.a.s.l. There is no option for indoor lunch today.

    NB! Today you must carry the part of your luggage that is needed for an overnight stay at the self-service cabin. The rest of your luggage will be transferred directly to Pellestova Hotel Hafjell.

    Accommodation at Vetåbua, DNT-self-service cabin, a genuine Norwegian hut experience. The huts do operate on a first come, first served basis, so be prepared to share the space. The cabin is stocked with provisions for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

  • Day 7, WEDNESDAY: Vetåbu - Pellestova, 35 km

    Long day trip in easy/moderate terrain. You ski across marshes and through open woodland. Some up- and downhills. A long uphill at the end, towards Pellestova. The trail is groomed, but not regularly. There is no option for indoor lunch today.

    NB! Today you continue carrying the part of your luggage that you needed for the overnight stay at the self-service cabin.

    Dinner and accommodation at Pellestova Hotel, Hafjell.

  • Day 8, THURSDAY: Ski Pellestova - Nordseter - Lillehammer - 25/30 km

    Easy day trip in easy terrain. The trail runs in flat and open terrain to Nordseter and then some downhill through woodland. Excellent groomed tracks all the way to Lillehammer. There is a cafeteria at Nordseter.
    Parts of this stage follow the same track as the Birkebeiner Ski Race that takes place in March every year. If you want more Birkebeiner tracks, you can ski via Sjusjøen + 5 km.
    You ski through the 1994 Olympic Ski Stadium before the last downhill to Lillehammer.

    Accommodation at Stasjonen Hotel

  • Day 9, FRIDAY: Departure

    Train to Oslo Airport (depart every hour).

    Completing the Troll ski trail is a remarkable achievement for any skier. It's not just about covering the distance; it's about immersing yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of Norway.

Departures and prices

Tour dates 2024:

29 February - 8 March
7 - 15 March
14 - 22 March

Number of days: 9 days including the days of arrival and departure.
Participants: We need a minimum of 4 participants to complete the tour.

Prices 2024: 
Per person in double room: NOK 17 550.-
Single room supplement: NOK 1 880.- 

Book early discount before 1 December: NOK 250.- per adult

Price includes:
6 x accommodation including breakfast, dinner, self-packed lunch and refill thermos
1 x accommodation in DNT self-service cabin, including ingredients for breakfast, dinner, self-packed lunch and refill thermos
1 x accommodation in Lillehammer, including breakfast  
Map and Tour description. (1 set per booking)

Luggage transfer between the hotels (except days 6 and 7 - see day program).
Transfer from/to Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Not included:
Travel and cancellation insurance
Alcoholic drinks, soda drinks and snacks

Extra charge:
Train from/to Oslo Central Station: NOK 120.- each way.
Extra set of maps: NOK 700.-

Ski rental (8 days) including return transport:
Skis with half steel-edges + shoes and poles: NOK 1 100.-
Skis with half steel-edges and skins + shoes and poles: NOK 1 350.-

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29/2The Troll Trail from Rondane to Lillehammer 29 February - 8 March 2024More than 817 550,-Book
7/3The Troll Trail from Rondane to Lillehammer 7 - 15 March 2024617 550,-Book
14/3The Troll Trail from Rondane to Lillehammer 14 - 22 March 2024Full17 550,-Full