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Here you will find useful information related to our self-guided tours
Skitur i Peer Gynt løypa | Ski the Peer Gynt Trail | Discover Norway, Skiturer i Norge
Photo: Christoffer Sandmark - Visit Norway
Self-guided tours

Our favourite concept is self-guided tours, including luggage transfer, accommodation and meals. This means going on your own and determining your own speed. You can take a break, shortcut or detour whenever you want. After an exciting day in the outdoors, you will arrive at your destination for a tasty dinner and a restful night’s sleep preparing you for the next leg of your adventure.

Before you start a self-guided tour, you will get an e-mail with electronic maps ( and a tour description with an equipment list (suggestions).

You won’t meet any from our company during the tour, and we are not located in the area. There is no support vehicle. You must be prepared to handle a puncture and/or other incidents on your own- or a rented bike.

You can always reach us on phone no. +47 91725200.

Although the tours run on set dates, and there are others who have booked the same tour/dates, you may not see them during the day. You will meet at the accommodation sites. Sometimes people agree to bike together as a group.

Sykkeltur langs Ishavskysten | Arctic Coast Cycling | Discover Norway
Photo: Ian Moore/Discover Norway
Included in the price

All our self-guided tours include luggage transfer.
See the website for each trip. Here you will find an overview of what else is included in the price.
Prices are based on double rooms or apartments (min. 2 persons).

Usually, you get:
- Accommodations
- Most meals
- Luggage tranfer
- Some transport (train or boat)
- Maps (digital or topographic)
- Tour description (pdf)

Not included:
- Some transport
- Travel and cancellation insurance
- Alcoholic drinks, soda drinks and snacks  


Before embarking on your journey, you'll receive a comprehensive packing list to ensure you're well-prepared for various weather conditions.

Despite the season, be ready for potentially cold temperatures, and count yourself fortunate if you escape rain/snow, and wind. Winter, in particular, can bring intense cold, especially when coupled with brisk winds.


Renting equipment

Ski- and bike rentals are normally not included in the basic price but can be ordered as an add-on. Be careful to check your equipment before you set off on your trip. It is impossible/difficult to get assistance or to have equipment changed after you have left the rental location. During the tour, you are responsible for the equipment. There is no support vehicle on the bicycle trips.

Skiing and snowshoeing in Jotunheimen | Discover Norway, Vinterferie i Jotunheimen
Photo: Hindsæter

Typically, our accommodations feature well-appointed hotels, although there may be some variance in standards. We strategically select from a range of options, including hotels, mountain lodges, and cabins, with the choice predominantly influenced by location and daily stages. On rare occasions, you may find yourself in accommodations with shared bathrooms/toilets.

During your Troll Trail skiing expedition, you'll experience a night in a DNT self-service cabin featuring multi-bed rooms. It's important to note that this cabin lacks indoor toilet and shower facilities, requiring guests to fetch water externally. The cabin is equipped with a solar system for lighting and USB charging (don't forget to bring your charging cable). Duvets and pillows are provided, but for hygiene reasons, we recommend bringing a hut sack or travel camping sheet to cover the bed, duvet, and pillow. This ensures a comfortable and sanitary stay in this unique mountain environment.


Your tour price covers a breakfast, a self-packed lunch, and often the delightful ritual of filling your own thermos with tea or coffee. In places where dining options are limited, or scarce, dinner is also part of the package (a 2 or 3-course dinner or a Norwegian buffet). Dinner is a fixed menu determined by the restaurant/accommodation.

For your convenience, most establishments have designated tables reserved for our guests. You may find yourself sharing this communal dining experience with fellow travellers who have booked the same journey. Should you desire a more intimate dining setting, kindly inform the reception upon your arrival at the hotel. 

Self-packed lunch

Each morning, the breakfast buffet transforms into your canvas for creating a personalized lunch pack.

Upon arrival at some locations, you may receive a "ticket" at the reception, facilitating the process of assembling your lunch pack. It's important to note that the logistics of this may vary at each hotel or guesthouse, adding a touch of individuality to your experience.

For added convenience, feel free to approach the staff when needed. Should you require paper and plastic for wrapping your lunch or assistance in filling your thermos with coffee, tea, or juice, the staff are there to lend a helping hand. 

Med bagasjetransport/ With luggage transfer | Discover Norway
Photo: HR Discover Norway

For specific transfer inclusions, please refer to the details outlined on each tour's respective website.

Typically, many of our ski tours include transportation from/to Oslo Airport, and this can be tailored to individual preferences upon request.

Exploring the fjords and coastal regions of Norway involves various modes of boat transport. It's important to clarify that when referring to ferries, we mean vessels capable of accommodating cars, while express boats or simply boats are reserved for passengers (and bikes). In specific tours, such as in the Hardanger Fjord, both ferry and express boat services may be utilized, with precise details outlined in the tour description. Pedestrians enjoy complimentary ferry rides, eliminating the need for a ticket.
Given that certain terminals cater to both boats and ferries, it's crucial to ensure you board the appropriate vessel. If any uncertainty arises, please feel free to seek assistance from the staff on hand.

To ensure a smooth journey, we highly advise checking bus-, boat- and ferry schedules directly on-site, especially considering the potential for changes or cancellations. For up-to-date departure information and fares (not all companies), utilize on Google or download the Entur app from the App Store or Google Play. This ensures you have the most current and accurate information available

Luggage transfer

Experience the convenience of seamless luggage transfer. Your primary luggage (one item per person) will be transported from one hotel to the next, allowing you to travel light. Carry only a small pannier or backpack containing essentials such as lunch, extra clothes, valuables, and anything you need for the day's adventure.
If you are on an E-bike, please remember to bring the charger in your day-pack.

While this service is comprehensive, exceptions may arise during specific stages or when travelling to and from the DNT self-service cabin (The Troll Trail).

Here's what you need to know:

Unless otherwise specified in the day's program, ensure your luggage is placed in the designated area at the hotel (please inquire at the reception) by 09:30.

Should you fail to leave your luggage within this time or the time mentioned in the day program, the transfer cannot be guaranteed and you might be charged extra. Generally, expect your luggage to arrive at the next destination around 15:00.

Make sure your luggage has a name tag with your name and phone number. Please use the luggage tag included in the information pack in the information pack provided by Discover Norway.

Please observe the advised size and weight limits, keeping your luggage to a respectable 20 kg and limiting it to one item per person, excluding small additional items. This ensures an efficient and stress-free transfer process throughout your journey.

Your luggage transfer is conducted at your own risk, necessitating insurance coverage for potential damage or loss. If the weight allows, items of significant value, such as money, jewellery, cameras, computers, passports, and credit cards, should be kept with you throughout the journey.  

For added protection, consider packing your belongings in a waterproof suitcase or bag, as occasional exposure to rain during the transfer is possible.

You must bring your own luggage to and from your room. On some bicycle tours, you must bring your own luggage on and off the ferries/boats. The reason for this is that the geography and infrastructure make it impossible or very expensive to have a car that follows the group all the way. A car must drive long detours around the fjords to follow the biking route. Luggage is transported by accommodations or by local taxis and transport companies. On some routes, there are different carriers at each end of a ferry route. The hotels are situated more or less on the quay.

Sykkeltur i Hardanger | Bike tour around the Hardanger Fjord | Discover Norway, Sykkelturer i Norge
Photo: Discover Norway
Level of difficulty

Embarking on our trips, it's essential to recognize that you undertake the journey at your own risk, with safety being paramount. We strongly advise, for safety reasons, that a minimum of two individuals cycle or walk together.

Consider the diverse nature of our tours. Varied difficulty levels cater to different preferences and experiences. Some entail extensive day trips, while others are designed for families and those with limited experience, ensuring inclusivity for all.

Prepare for unpredictable weather conditions. Heavy rain, snow, or wind can add an extra dimension to the tour, making it more challenging.

Having some prior experience with extended tours enhances your overall enjoyment.

Each trip is categorized by its level of difficulty, providing a guide based on an average physical condition.


EASY: Families and people of most ages who are in generally good condition, and have some basic cycling experience. Daily stages approx. 15-30 km

MODERATE: People who are in generally good condition, and have previous cycling experience. Must be prepared for all kinds of weather. Daily stages approx. 20 - 50 km.

DEMANDING: People who are in very good condition, and have previous experience in cycling long distances and many days in a row. Daily stages approx. 30 - 70 km.



EASY: The trips are suitable for families and people of all ages. 5-12 km/5-6 hours including breaks.

MODERATE: The tours are suitable for you with normally good fitness. 12 - 20 km/6-7 hours including breaks.

DEMANDING: Requires a high level of fitness. Summits and lots of ups and downs. 6-10 hours including breaks.


EASY: The Explore Rondane tour is a nice family tour with short day trips and well-groomed trails.

MODERATE: The Peer Gynt trail and the Jotunheimen XC trail are nice tours for people with an average level of fitness. Relatively shorter stages and well-prepared trails.

DEMANDING: The Troll Trail is relatively demanding. We recommend that you are in good shape, are used to winter in the mountains and are well-equipped. Knowledge of maps and compasses is essential. The trails are not regularly groomed. Where the track goes through Rondane National Park, it is not groomed at all - only marked with bamboo sticks or the like.

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