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General Terms
The general terms of Discover Norway AS are based on ‘The Package Tour Act’ of June 15, 2018 No. 32 and 'General Terms for Package Travel' of 01.07.2018 (prepared by The Norwegian Travel Trade Association and the ombudsman for Norwegian consumers).
We reserve the right to alter the terms which may be affected by new EU directives concerning package tours.

Booking and payment
You can book online on our website, or via e-mail and phone at our office in Lillehammer, Norway. If booking via our office (not online booking) we will charge an extra fee of minimum NOK 50.- per booking.
All rates are quoted in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) per person and include taxes and VAT.
1. After booking, you will receive a confirmation and an invoice for the deposit: NOK 2,000.- per person, due within 7 days.
2. The due date for the final payment is no later than 30/60 days before the tour starts (depending on what tour you are booked on). You will receive an invoice for the final payment about 30 days before the due date (you will find the correct due dates on the invoice).  

With the invoices, you will get a link to credit card payments.

The booking is binding when the invoice is paid. An unpaid invoice is not acceptable as a form of cancellation. Cancellation must be made in writing or by a phone call to us. 

When booking less than 30 days ahead of departure, the booking is binding at the time of booking, and the entire amount is to be paid immediately.
The travellers must always check that the invoice and travel documents are in accordance with the order. If discovered incorrectly, Discover Norway must be contacted immediately.

Minor changes to the booking may be possible before the final payments, depending on the tour. Amendment fees, up to NOK 500.- per booking, may apply according to the requested changes. 
An extra fee will e.g. occur by:
- splitting of the invoice
- change of dates
- change of room type
- all types of changes after the final amount has been paid

An unpaid invoice is not acceptable as a form of cancellation. Cancellation must be made in writing or by a phone call to us. 

Cancellations must be made immediately after you have decided not to complete the trip. The cancellation fee is calculated from the date Discover Norway receives the message. The cancellation date must be in office opening hours, Monday to Friday at 08:00 – 16:00. E-mail sent on Saturday / Sunday / Bank Holiday is calculated by date for the next Monday / business day.
General cancellation charges: 
1. If cancelled up to 60 days ahead of departure, for the bike tours in Lofoten and Arctic Coast, and up to 30 days ahead of departure for all other tours, Discover Norway retains a cancellation fee corresponding to the deposit paid, NOK 2,000.- per person.
2. If cancelled later than 60 days ahead of departure, for the bike tour in Lofoten, and later than 30 days before departure for all other tours, or if the traveller does not show up at the start of the tour, the customer must pay the full amount (100%).

Travel cancellation insurance is recommended (cannot be issued by Discover Norway).

Liability and Travel insurance
In general, Discover Norway shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss or accident of whatever nature on any person or goods (including financial loss and consequential damages) incurring during, after, in connection with, or as a consequence of the customer’s booking, travel or stay organized through Discover Norway, unless such is caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Discover Norway.
The traveller must take the necessary precautions before and during the journey, including providing adequate travel insurance, funds to cover current travel expenses, etc.
Travel insurance is recommended (cannot be issued by Discover Norway), and we advise you to arrange for the insurance in your home country. We recommend that your travel insurance cover sickness, repatriation (in case of illness/injury), theft, accident, baggage loss, etc. All travelling without proper travel insurance is at your own risk. 

Diseases / Allergies
Travellers are responsible for their state of health so that they do not endanger themselves or their fellow travellers.
If you have any medical history, condition or medication we should know about, please make sure you communicate this to us before departure.
If you have any food allergies, like Celiac Disease, Lactose Intolerance etc. Please make sure you communicate this to us before departure, so that we can inform the accommodations sites and restaurants. 
Some accommodations may charge extra for special needs and/or requests.
But… Food is part of the experience. Be aware that some destinations are located far from stores and suppliers, and have difficulty getting hold of special ingredients. Therefore, they are not able to adapt to all kinds of special diets.

Subject to changes/cancellation of a trip
The prices include the elements that are listed under each trip - specified in the invoice.
- We reserve the right to change the prices in case of the introduction of new and/or unexpected regulations, like transportation costs and changes in public taxes etc. Price changes cannot happen later than 30 days before departure.
- There may also be minor adjustments in the day program.
- For tours with a guide, changes can be made due to delays, weather conditions, illness or other unforeseen events during the trip.
- Discover Norway can also increase the price or cancel the trip if the registered number of participants is less than 2 participants, or less than the specified minimum number of participants listed on the tour (see websites). Information about this is provided by Discover Norway no later than 30 days before departure (60 days before if trips in Lofoten and Arctic Coast). 
Alternatively, the traveller will be offered another trip or receive a full refund of the amount paid.
- In case of force majeure, such as riots, floods, earthquakes, strikes etc. or route conditions that make it risky to complete the trip, the trip can be cancelled at short notice and the contract ceases to be binding for both parties (no refund). 

If the traveller has any complaints, he/she shall immediately inform our office in Lillehammer, Norway (+47 91725200). If the problem is not rectified and you wish to complain after returning from the trip, you must send your complaint to Discover Norway in writing and state your grounds for complaining. The deadline for appeals is 4 weeks after the end of the trip.
Comments on the submitted evaluation form after the trip are not registered or perceived as a written complaint.

By paying the deposit/final amount the customer has accepted the general terms and conditions listed in this document, as a part of the agreement between Discover Norway and the customer.

Data protection policy
We ask for personal information in the booking request section. This information is necessary to ensure that we are able to make and confirm your booking. This information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be shared with any other outside parties except for necessary information given to the parties involved in your booking (hotels etc.).
The personal information will not be sold or shared, and your e-mail address will not be forwarded to outside parties.
Read more about our data protection policy here.

Discover Norway AS is a member of The Travel Guarantee Fund (Reisegarantifondet).

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