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Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim's Path

Price NOK:
8 850,-
Days: 5
4 nights accommodation incl. dinner, breakfast, self-packed lunch and refill thermos.
Transfer Toftemo - Budsjord.
Luggage transfer (1 item).
Tour description.
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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure along the historic Pilgrim`s Path across the stunning Dovrefjell mountain range in Norway? Hike in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims and be inspired by a diverse nature of cultural landscape and high mountain terrain. The Dovrefjell National Park is also famous for its rich flora and fauna. This tour is literally a walk through Norwegian history, combined with breathtaking sceneries.

Your tour begins at Toftemo, nestled in the heart of Norway`s countryside. After a short transfer your hike starts at Budsjord Farm, a listed farm placed in the hillside of the Gudbrandsdalen valley. As you set out on your path, you`ll be surrounded by lush greenery, babbling brooks, and the peaceful serenity of nature.

After a day of invigorating trekking, you`ll reach Furuhaugli, a charming mountain lodge perched amid the scenic landscapes. Here you can unwind a recharge amidst the wild beauty of Dovrefjell.

Continuing your hike, you`ll venture deeper into Dovrefjell, where the landscape takes on an otherworldly quality, and you stay at Hjerkinn mountain lodge with long traditions.

Finally, the trail leads you to Kongsvold, a historic mountain hotel that has welcomed travelers for centuries. As you approach Kongsvold, you`ll be greeted by awe-inspiring sight of the Snøhetta mountain, a true masterpiece of nature.

This is a suitable tour if you would like to combine walking in highlands with a good level of comfort. You stay in nice, private lodges and your luggage is transferred from one accommodation to the next. The terrain is varied with distances of 12-20 km a day. You should be accustomed to walking in mountains areas in all kinds of weather.


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  • This is a self-guided tour. This means going on your own and deciding your own pace. You can take a break, shortcut or detour whenever you want. The tour includes luggage transfer.

    TOUR DATES 2024: The tour starts Mondays 24 June - 9 September. Other dates on request.


    LEVEL: Moderate level for those in good shape. Daily stages 12-20 km/6-7 hours including breaks.
    In case of bad weather with heavy rain and/or wind, the hikes will be more strenuous.

  • Day 1, Monday: Arrival

    - Own car to Toftemo
    - Train to Dombås and bus/taxi to Toftemo (not included)

    Dinner and accommodation at Toftemo Turiststasjon, Dovre

  • Day 2, Tuesday: Walk along the Pilgrim's Route from Toftemo (Budsjord) to Furuhaugli - 21 km/approx. 8 hours

    Transfer to Budsjord Pilgrim's Farm, a heritage-listed farm with buildings dating back to the 1400s. From Budsjord you start on a long uphill to cross the mountain to Fokstua and then relatively flat terrain to Furuhaugli. At the top of the mountain you get a magnificient view towards Dovrefjell. On this stage you will hike through Norway`s first nature reservation area, where more than 150 species of birds, has been spotted. This is also an important area for plants, beaver and moose.

    Dinner and accommodation at Furuhaugli Turisthytte

  • Day 3, Wednesday: Walk along the Pilgrim's Route from Furuhaugli to Hjerkinn - 15 km/approx. 5 hours

    Relatively high-level mountain terrain with no major climbs on this stretch. During the day you pass through several wet areas where passaging is made possible with small bridges. You also pass old hunting sites and Vesle Hjerkinn, which was the first medieval house at Hjerkinn. At Hjerkinn it is possible to visit the pilgrim church Eysteinkyrkja.

    Dinner and accommodation at Hjerkinn Fjellstue

  • Day 4, Thursday: Walk from Hjerkinn to Kongsvold - 15 km/ approx. 5 hours

    Upward climb from Hjerkinn to the tour’s highest point Hjerkinnhø, 1288m with a magnificent view of mount Snøhetta and the Rondane mountain range. 

    Dinner and accommodation at Kongsvold Fjeldstue.

  • Day 5, Friday: Departure

    Bus or train to Dombås/Oslo/Trondheim.
    Return transfer from Hjerkinn is not included.

    You can add a day at Hjerkinn and discover what Dovrefjell has to offer
    - Bus to Snøheim Lodge and hike the summit of Snøhetta.
    - Join a guided Musk Ox Safari
    - Horseback riding in the mountains with a guide, arranged by Hjerkinn Fjellstue
    - Visit Viewpoint SNØHETTA and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center at Hjerkinn

Departures and prices

Dates 2024:
Tour start: Mondays, 24 June - 9 September
Other dates on request.

NB! When booking this tour, you will receive a new e-mail from us when all accommodations are confirmed. This may take from a few hours up to 3 business days. Please do not book your flights until you have received a confirmation from us. 

Price 2024 
Per person in double room: NOK 8 850.-
Single room supplement: NOK 2 160.-

Book early discount before 1 June: NOK 250.- per person

Price includes:
4 x accommodation with dinner breakfast, self-packed lunch and refill thermos.
Transfer Toftemo - Budsjord
Luggage transfer (1 item)
Tour description

We can also book your train tickets to/from Dovre (Oslo Central Station, Oslo Airport, Trondheim etc.). Please ask us for a quote!


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24/6Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 24 - 28 June 202488 850,-Book
1/7Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 1 - 5 July 202488 850,-Book
8/7Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 8 - 12 July 202488 850,-Book
15/7Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 15 - 19 July 202488 850,-Book
22/7Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 22 - 26 July 202488 850,-Book
29/7Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 29 July - 2 August 202488 850,-Book
5/8Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 5 - 9 August 202468 850,-Book
12/8Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 12 - 16 August 202488 850,-Book
19/8Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 19 - 23 August 202468 850,-Book
26/8Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 26 - 30 August 202488 850,-Book
2/9Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 2 - 6 September 202488 850,-Book
9/9Dovrefjell - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail 9 - 13 September 202488 850,-Book