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Bike tours and cycling vacations

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike, and that's pretty close.
We offer a wide range of exciting self-guided bicycle adventures - in the mountains, by the fjords, and along the coast. Steep hills won’t take your breath away - the spectacular nature will.
During June and July, you can bike under the Midnight Sun along the Arctic Coast, in Lofoten, Vesterålen and the coast of Helgeland. The Northern Lights can be seen as early as September.

Multi-day cycling adventure designed for people wanting to cycle on their own, without a guide. The daily stages are moderate, and all trips include luggage transfer. The tour descriptions and maps, show possible shortcuts and detours.
Our staff has biked all our routes. When you make your reservation, you will be given first-hand information about the landscape, road conditions and overnight accommodation sites.

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Vesterålen - The islands north of Lofoten

Discover Vesterålen, the beautiful, quiet islands just north of Lofoten. Here you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity while surrounded by amazing Norwegian landscapes. This bicycle trip takes you on an exciting tour of the archipelago just north of...

8 days From 15 300,- Read more

The Coastal Route of Northern Norway

Experience the Coastal Route by bike from Bodø to Steinkjer, with luggage transfer and a tour guide. Spectacular nature, the world`s strongest maelstraum, unique islands, a UNESCO World Heritage listed archepelago and cultural landscapes are just a f...

12 days From 27 800,- Read more

Bike the Amazing Lofoten Isles

Bike the amazing Lofoten Isles from Svolvær to Reine. Self-guided tour with luggage transfer. Through powerful nature and picturesque fishing villages, with the midnight sun as your guide. Lofoten is Amazing - Midnight sun, beautiful scenery's, pictu...

8 days From 16 950,- Read more

Bike Helgeland - Island hopping

Spectacular nature on the coast of Norway? Bike rental is included. The coast of Helgeland in Northern Norway offers towering mountain peaks, impressive ocean vistas and sheltered bays. A bike ride along the Helgeland coast, in Northern Norway, offer...

6 days From 14 750,- Read more

Sunnhordland - The islands south of Bergen

Would you like to discover Bergen and the Fjords? This bicycle tour takes you through a piece of Norway in miniature and some adventurous landscapes of mountains and fjords. Discover Bergen and the fjords south of Bergen. The Hardangerfjord Express B...

6 days From 14 550,- Read more

Bike the Hardanger Fjord route

Are you looking for a real Fjord experience? Bike the Hardanger Fjord route, and discover a piece of Norway that includes Bergen, fjords, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers. The Hardanger Fjord route includes some of the finest sceneries Norway has t...

7 days From 17 200,- Read more

Arctic Coast Cycling

Are you seeking real bike adventures? Arctic Coast Cycling follows the dramatic coastlines of Northern Norway, with towering mountains, islands, sandy beaches and small fishing villages. The Arctic Coast, from Tromsø to Svolvær in Northern Norway, is...

8 days From 17 000,- Read more

Bike the Oslo Fjord route

Welcome to the Oslo Fjord route - Self-guided bicycling tour with luggage transfer. Welcome to Oslo, the vibrant capital of Norway. Go for a stroll along the harbour and explore everything from innovative architecture and world-class museums to hip b...

6 days From 12 450,- Read more

Senja - Bike under The Midnight Sun

Are you seeking a cycling adventure in powerful arctic nature? Bike under The Midnight Sun. Starting and ending in Finnsnes, close to Tromsø. Experience Northern Norway and the fairy-tale island of Senja from the seat of an E-bike. This program takes...

4 days From 19 000,- Read more

Midnight sun bike & sail

Exclusive island hopping north of Tromsø. The combination of biking and sailing accompanied by the midnight sun in Arctic waters, will give you memories for life. Join us on this magical island hopping in the arctic waters just north of Tromsø - a un...

4 days From 34 500,- Read more

Tour de Dovre

Bicycle tour at the border of 3 National Parks, established to protect the wilderness, the reindeer and the majestic mountain landscapes. After having existed just a few years, 'Tour de Dovre' has already become a classic. Not without reason, this ro...

5 days From 7 700,- Read more

Mountains and Valleys in Gudbrandsdalen

Round trip from Hafjell / Lillehammer to the mountains at the Peer Gynt road and down through the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley. In the mountains north of Lillehammer and west of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you find the Peer Gynt Kingdom with scenic...

6 days From 13 850,- Read more

Tour de Arctic Coast - E-bike and guide

A magic experience in Northern norway. E-bike, guide and luggage transfer. Tromsø - Sommarøy - Senja - Andøya - Svolvær.. The Arctic coast tour from Tromsø to Svolvær is an adventure for those who like to discover the outdoors from a bicycle seat. Yo...

5 days From 25 000,- Read more

Along Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake

The landscape oozes tranquility and rural idyll. Slow down and enjoy being on the road. Enjoy a refreshing bath in the lake, a visit to an exciting museum or a good meal at a nice restaurant by the water`s edge. Cycling route around the northern part...

5 days From 10 800,- Read more

Mountains and Summer farms in Valdres

Nice bicycle tour in the mountains between Oslo and Bergen - Discover the pleasant landscapes and the Norwegian Summer farms at the gateway to Jotunheimen National Park. One of Norway's finest cycling routes in the mountains between Oslo and Bergen...

4 days From 6 650,- Read more

Combine 2 bicycle tours

Do you want to see more of Norway and bike longer trips? It is possible to combine 2 bicycle tours and travel up to 18 days. Back-back cycling tours. Do you want to see more of Norway and bike longer trips? It is possible to combine 2 bicycle to...

Useful information

Here you will find useful information related to our tours, and about traveling in Norway in general. You will find additional information connected for each tour. Most tours are self-guided for individuals. See Terms and Conditions regarding booking...