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Mountains and Valleys in Gudbrandsdalen

Price NOK:
11 100,-
Days: 6
5 x accommodation incl. breakfast, self-packed lunch and refill thermos.
5 x 2 or 3-course dinner or buffet.
Map and tour description, 1 set per booking.
Luggage transfer, 1 item pr. person.
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In the mountains north of Lillehammer and west of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you find the Peer Gynt Kingdom with scenic views and ancient cultural landscapes. Here, the folk tale hero, Peer Gynt, found peace and inspiration for many of his imaginative stories and people still find both peace and joy in travelling in these mountains both summer and winter. Our bike tour starts in Øyer, a few kilometres north of Lillehammer, and passes through traditional Norwegian farm landscapes before you reach the mountain areas at the Skeikampen Resort. From there you follow the Peer Gynt Road to the mountain-valley, Espedalen. The area offers varied terrain, you cycle in open high mountain terrain and through old birch- and pine forests with a view of the peaks in Jotunheimen- and Rondane National Park. From Espedalen it is mostly easy cycling towards the Gudbrandsdalen valley. The rest of the trip follows the valley south towards Lillehammer.

This trip is inspired by Food Trails Gudbrandsdalen with a focus on good food experiences. Every night you can enjoy a tasty dinner while letting the day's experiences sink in. Food Trails Gudbrandsdalen is a collaboration between several producers and organizations that aims to develop extraordinary local food- and beverage experiences. Local food and drink experiences are integral to our cultural heritage. The pure flavours of mountains and plains are a result of fertile ground, fresh air and clean water and a climate for slow-growing products. The fresh air and clean water leave a taste reminiscent of the mountains. Sustainable production is important and comes naturally to us, the way it has for generations.

When you bike from one destination to the next, we transfer your luggage so that you can enjoy the trip with just a light pannier or daypack. The tour is self-guided. There are many opportunities for detours and hiking routes along the way.

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  • This is a self-guided tour. This means going on your own and decide your own speed. You can take a break, shortcut or detour whenever you want. The tour includes luggage transfer.

    TOUR DATES 2022: Starts every Sunday from 19 June to 4 September. Other dates on request.

    NUMBER OF DAYS: 6, Sunday - Friday

    DISTANCE: 200 km + optional detours

    LEVEL: Moderate. For people who are in generally good condition, and have previous cycling experience. Must be prepared for all kinds of weather. Daily stages approx. 20 - 50 km.
    In bad weather with rain and/or wind, the trips become more strenuous.
    For safety reasons, we recommend that at least two people ride together.

  • Day 1, Sunday: Individual arrival in Øyer/Gudbrandsdalen

    Accommodation at Nermo Hotel, which is part of the Food Trails Gudbrandsdalen. Nermo is a family-run hotel located 18 km north of Lillehammer with Hafjell Resort as its nearest neighbour.
    Nermo Hotel is known for its good cuisine. They are proud to serve home-cooked, local and organic food. When they say home-baked - it is home-baked.

    Suppliers for the Food Trail Gudbrandsdalen in todays area:
    Nermo Hotel
    Lillehammer Microbrewery
    Moe Farm
    Jevne Farm

  • Day 2, Monday: Bike from Hafjell to Skei, 40 km

    The trip goes on the west side of the river, Gudbrandsdalslågen. You head south in the direction of Lillehammer and pass the Norwegian Road Museum, the Norwegian Vehicle History Museum, Hunderfossen Adventure Park and Lillehammer Olympic bob and luge track. In Fåberg you turn north and cycle through Gausdal to Skei. Some uphill throughout the day.
    Skei offers nice walks. An evening trip to the summit of Skeikampen offers fantastic views.

    Accommodation at Thon Hotel Skeikampen

  • Day 3, Tuesday: Bike from Skei to Gålå, 29 km

    Easy day trip on gravel roads. You must expect some traffic along the Peer Gynt Road, as it is a popular tourist route during the summer. The trip offers beautiful mountain sceneries with a view towards Rondane- and Jotunheimen National Parks. Some ascent up from Skei before you enter the 'roller coaster' to Fagerhøi. From Fagerhøi to Gålå is easy cycling on nice mountain roads.

    Accommodation at Gålå Hotell

  • Day 4, Wednesday: Bike from Gålå to Espedalen, 29 km

    Easy day trip. Continue the Peer Gynt Road down from Wadahl, past Fefor Hotel and on to Espedalen. This trip is also kind of a ‘roller coaster' with winding roads and rolling hills. Some steep uphill on parts of the stage, but you are rewarded with lovely views of the peaks in Rondane and Jotunheimen National Parks. 
    Espedalen is described as ‘the friendly wilderness’ with forests, high mountains and lakes. The area has also been given the name 'Elgland' (Elg is the Norwegian word for moose). A lot of moose passes through the valley throughout the year.
    Accommodation at Ruten Fjellstue, located high above the Espedalen valley. The hotel is part of the Food Trail Gudbrandsdalen. Here, local ingredients and products are used in both hot and cold dishes and the mountain lodge has its own small brewery.

  • Day 5, Thursday: Bike from Espedalen to Hundorp, 50 km

    From Espedalen, the Peer Gynt Road descends into a narrow river gorge before a tough uphill to the small community of Skåbu. We recommend a coffee stop at Skåbu Fjellhotell, which is part of the Food Trail Gudbrandsdalen.
    Lots of downhill from Skåbu to Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen valley. Follow the local road south from Vinstra. Slightly hilly from Vinstra to Hundorp. Between Vinstra and Hundorp you can take a short detour to see the sculpture(s) FLOKK by Gitte Dæhlin. FLOKK consists of 21 long, narrow figures in bronze, with glass eyes.

    Accommodation at Dale-Gudbrands Farm. This farm has a rich cultural history from when Christianity came to Norway a thousand years ago.

    Suppliers for the Food Trail Gudbrandsdalen in todays area:
    Ruten Fjellstue
    Skåbu Fjellhotell

  • Day 6, Friday: Bike from Hundorp to Hafjell/Lillehammer, 56 km

    Today's stage is a bit hilly, but the roads are good. Most of the day you bike on domestic roads on the west side of the river, Gudbrandsdalslågen. A few steep hills along the way. They are rewarded with equally steep hills down again.
    The tour ends at Hafjell ski resort. 

    Food Trail Gudbrandsdalen in todays area:
    Annis Pølsemakeri
    Bonden Sylte

Departures and prices

Tour dates 2022: Starts every Sunday from 19 June to 4 September
Number of days: 6 (Sunday - Friday)
Level of difficulty:  Level 2 - see useful information
Distance: 200 km (+ optional detours)

Number of participants:
We need a minimum of 2 bookings on each date to complete the tour.

Price 2022:
Per adult in double room: NOK 11 100 .-
Single room suplement: NOK 1 500.- 

NB! Book early discount before 1 June: NOK 250.- per adult.

Price includes:
5 x accommodation with breakfast, self-packed lunch and refill thermos
5 x 2 or 3-course dinner/buffet
Map and tour description
Luggage transfer (1 item pr. person)

Bike Rental 2022:
Hybrid bike 6 days: NOK 1 650.-
E-bike 6 days: NOK 2 800.-

Included in the bike rental:
Helmet, bicycle lock, luggage rack, bottle holder, extra inner tube, pump and handlebar bag.
All e-bikes come with a charger for a standard wall socket and a key to remove the battery. No extra battery.

Bike rentals

Bike Rental 2022:
Hybrid bike 6 days: NOK 1 650.-
E-bike 6 days: 2 800.-

Included in the bike rental:
Helmet, bicycle lock, luggage rack, bottle holder, extra inner tube, pump and handlebar bag.
All e-bikes come with a charger for a standard wall socket and a key to remove the battery. No extra battery.

E-bike: Scott Aspect E-ride - male
Fender, e-bike display, luggage rack, bottle holder.

E-bike: Scott Aspect E-ride - female
Fender, e-bike display, luggage rack, bottle holder.

Hybrid bike: Scott Scale 970
Luggage rack and a bottle holder.

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