Ski tours and winter activities

Cross-country and backcountry ski tours in fantastic high mountain areas. All-inclusive with luggage transfer. 
Norway is seen as one of the most famous ski nations in the world. We like to brag about Norway being the cradle of ski sport. However, there are not many places in Norway where it is possible to ski from one hotel to the next for a week. In Eastern Norway, north of Lillehammer, we have some areas with good snow conditions, beautiful trails and good accommodations in suitable distances from each other. The programs are best suited for classic skiing, not skating.

You can also choose to stay for an exciting week program at the border of Jotunheimen National Park, or the Venabygd Mountains close to the Rondane National Park. Ask for a quote.

Peer Gynt Trail with luggage transfer

Ski the Norwegian Mountains from hotel to hotel with luggage transfer. Excellent Cross-country trails in the area north of Lillehammer. Experience the legendary Peer Gynt Ski Trail, in a winter wonderland that stretches from the enchanting Espedalen...

8 days From 17 450,- Read more

Troll Trail with luggage transfer

Do you seek a real Cross-country adventure? The Troll Trail is a continuous marked ski trail from Rondane National Park to Lillehammer. From hotel to hotel, 9 days, 170 kilometres. Do you have a dream of exploring high mountains, pristine plateaus, a...

9 days From 17 550,- Read more

Jotunheimen cross-country trail

Winter vacation in the land of fairytales. Ski from hotel to hotel with luggage transfer. Excellent Cross-country trails in Jotunheimen. Jotunheimen cross-country trail is stretching through gentle forest areas and rough mountain terrain, from the ar...

8 days From 16 350,- Read more

Fairy-tale winter adventures

A week of adventure and activities near Jotunheimen National Park. This week you will experience nature and winter at its finest. Go cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on your own and maybe spot a moose. If you are not so familiar with cross-countr...

8 days From 9 900,- Read more

Explore Rondane - Winter edition - 7 days

Enjoy a week in beautiful high mountain terrain including accommodation, food, luggage transfer and transport from/to Oslo Airport. Hassle-free skiing in friendly terrain. Our Explore Rondane tour is a great alternative to a fully guided tour. The da...

7 days From 11 300,- Read more

Jotunheimen - Nordic skiing and Snowshoeing with guide

Enjoy snowshoeing and discover the beauty of winter in Jotunheimen. An unforgettable week of activities, wellness and food experiences. Dive into wild winter nature following safe marked tracks and local guides. Experience the rare silence. Norway’s...

8 days From 13 000,- Read more

Troll Trail South, from Venabygdsfjellet to Lillehammer

The Troll Trail Trail south follow parts of a continuous marked ski trail from Rondane National Park to Lillehammer. From Venabygdsfjellet to Lillehammer, 7 days and approx. 105 km. A great ski trip in the southern part of the Troll Trail. First, you...


Useful information

Here you will find useful information related to our tours, and about skiing in the Norwegian mountains in general. You will find additional information connected for each tour. Most tours are self-guided for individuals. See Terms of Conditions rega...