Explore Rondane - Winter edition

Price NOK:
11 300,-
Days: 7
6 x accommodation in double room.
6 x 3-course dinner, breakfast, self-packed lunch and refill thermos.
Transfer from/to Otta railway station.
Luggage transfer between accommodations.
Tour map.
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Experience the magic of winter with a cross-country ski trip from mountain lodge to mountain lodge in Rondane. We transport your luggage while you ski or snowshoe from accommodation to accommodation. The trip is self-guided, allowing you to go at your own pace and take breaks or detours as you wish. In the evenings, you can relax by the fireplace and share stories from the day`s adventures.

Bring your family, friends, or enjoy the trip on you own. The terrain at Høvringen is gentle, and the tour is suitable for most. The stages are 6 – 12 km in well-prepared tracks, with the option for longer trips if your energy allows. The hosts at the lodges are well-acquainted with the area and can provide you with the best skiing options tailored to the weather conditions and your preferences. After completing each day`s stage, you`ll arrive at the mountain lodge, where the welcoming host awaits you with made beds and a delicious three-course dinner based on local ingredients. Accommodation is available in family or double rooms, with shower/WC.

Høvringen offers a fantastic network of well-groomed ski trails and snowshoe tracks that take you through the amazing winter landscape. If you choose to go higher in the terrain, off the beaten path, you`ll be awarded with panoramic views of Rondane. The towering peaks of the Rondane mountains are an impressive sight in winter with rocky formations emerging from the snow. The contrast between the rugged mountains and the pristine snow is a feast for the eyes.


    • This is a self-guided tour. This means going on your own and deciding your own pace. You can take a break, shortcut or detour whenever you want. The tour includes luggage transfer.

      TOUR DATES 2024: On request


      DISTANCE: 21,5 km + 3 optional day trips and possible detours

      LEVEL: Easy tour. Fits beginners and people with good fitness and some skiing experience. The tours run in gentle terrain and groomed tracks.

      You can start this tour from all three lodges, subject to capacity. This program shows the most common route.
      In addition, you have the opportunity to take day trips from all three mountain lodges on the days in between.

      We also offer the same trip in 4 days.

    • Day 1, Saturday: Individual arrival Høvringen

      Arrive Høvringen.

      How to travel:
      Train to Otta (not included). Hotel transfer to Høvringen (included).

      Dinner and accommodation at Høvringen Fjellstue

    • Day 2, Sunday: Ski in the area of Høvringen

      You enter grounds that have inspired numerous Norwegian painters, writers, and composers with its beautiful and imposing nature. It used to be dominated by mountain farms, but since the end of the 19th-century tourism has come to be one of the defining characters of the area. You find more than 150 km of marked and prepared trails in both forest- and mountain terrain. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to ski off the prepared and marked trails.

      Dinner and accommodation at Høvringen Fjellstue

    • Day 3, Monday: Ski from Høvringen to Putten Seter, 8 km

      Today's trip starts with some uphill. First, follow the trails through the settlement at Høvringen. The trail to Putten starts at Høvringen ski school/ski rental. From there you follow signs for Putten. There are trails on both sides of the mountains Anaripiggen and Karihaugen. The trail that runs north-west of the peaks take you through terrain with astonishing views of the mountains of Jotunheimen and Dovre.

      Dinner and accommodation at Putten Seter

    • Day 4, Tuesday: Ski in the area of Putten Seter

      Putten Seter is located in light Birch forest just below the tree line. The area has great skiing options and lots of well-marked tracks in friendly terrain.

      Dinner and accommodation at Putten Seter

    • Day 5, Wednesday: Ski from Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter, 8.5 km

      Follow signs for Smuksjøseter and The Peer Gynt cabin. The trail starts with some uphill before you pass the mountain ‘Formokampen’. There are tracks all the way to the summit, 1428 meters above sea level, and we recommend a detour to see the view (about 1 km each way). Finally, there is only downhill the rest of the way to Smuksjøseter. Along the way, you can take a detour to the Peer Gynt cabin (about 1.5 km each way). The cabin is open only during Winter Vacation (last week of February) and Easter, but the trip offers fantastic views of the mountain ‘Smiubelgen’ and the open fields to the South.

      Dinner and accommodation at Smuksjøseter

    • Day 6, Thursday: Ski in the area of Smuksjøseter

      Enter the land of trolls and Norwegian fairy tales as you ski through the landscape of the Rondane National Park with its small, gurgling streams and tall, rugged mountains.

      Dinner and accommodation at Smuksjøseter

    • Day 7, Friday: Ski from Smuksjøseter to Høvringen, 5 km. Departure

      Easy skiing starting flat and continuing on a long downhill that ends at Høvringen ski school/ski rental. From there you follow marked trails through the settlement on Høvringen and back to where you started the first day.

      Departure from Høvringen. 

      How to travel (not included):
      Hotel transfer to Otta Railway station and train from there.

    Departures and prices

    Departures 2024:
    2 - 8 March
    9 - 15 March
    16 - 22 March
    6 - 12 April
    Other dates on request

    When booking, you will receive a new email from us when all accommodations are confirmed. This may take from a few hours up to 3 business days. Please do not book your flights until you have received an email confirmation from us.

    Prices 2024:
    Per person in a double room: 11 300.-
    Single room supplement: NOK 1 800.- 
    Extra night at any of the lodges: NOK 1 750.- per night/person in a double room

    Price includes:
    6 x accommodation in double room
    6 x 3-course dinner, breakfast, self-packed lunch and refill thermos
    Transfer between train and hotel (Otta Railway station) 
    Luggage transfer between accommodations
    Tour map 

    Ski rental (7 days):
    Skis with half steel-edges + shoes and poles: NOK 1 100.-

    Other ski tours:
    The Peer Gynt Trail
    The Jotunheimen cross-country trail
    The Troll Trail
    Explore Rondane - Winter edition - 4 days


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