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Travel Information - Coronavirus/COVID-19

A concept that makes it easier to keep your distance
Our favourite concept is self-guided tours, including luggage transfer, accommodation, and meals. This means going on your own and determining your own speed. You can take a break, shortcut, or detour whenever you want. After an adventurous day outdoors, you will arrive for a good dinner and a good night's sleep before moving on the next day.
Although the tours run on set dates, and there are others who have booked the same tour/dates, you may not see them during the day. You will meet at the accommodation sites. Sometimes people agree to bike together as a group. It is your decision to lower your shoulders and discover the freedom in Norway.

Hotels and accommodations are focused on hygiene and always follow the guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Strict control measures mean that the traditional breakfast buffets have been replaced with various other solutions. It can be à la carte dishes, a valet buffet where you cannot supply yourself, ready-made breakfast plates/breakfast bags or a combination of the above. You will receive further information when you arrive at each accommodation. Then you also ask which routines apply to the self-packed lunch. 

For travellers to Norway from another country
If the government allows, we will run our trips, as usual, this summer at least for Norwegian travellers. We still have travel restriction for international tourist arriving in Norway. You will be asked to return home. Your participation also depends on when you are allowed to travel out of your country.  The Norwegian borders are still closed for all but Norwegian citizens and foreigners who possess a residence permit or a work permit. From 15 June, Norway and Denmark have agreed to reopen their borders to allow travel between the two countries. By 15 June, the Norwegian government will decide whether or not to open up the borders for travellers from the other Nordic countries. By 20 July, the government will decide if travellers from other nearby countries can visit Norway this summer. These rules may change if the situation changes.

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