Tour de Dovre

Price NOK:
8 400,-
Days: 5
4 x accommodation with 3-course dinner, breakfast and self-packed lunch / refill own thermos.
Luggage transfer (1 item).
Tour description.
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Experience Tour de Dovre, a cycling adventure like no other, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape and rich culture of Norway. This roundtrip, also named one of the most beautiful cycling trips of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, takes you through some of Norway`s most awe-inspiring landscapes. Pedal your way through this dramatic scenery, where snow-capped peaks meet lush valleys, and pristine lakes mirror the clear blue sky. Every turn offers a postcard-worthy view. Iconic mountains, idyllic cultural landscapes and the beautiful Grimsdalen valley with its old mountain farms.

The trip touches the border of three National Parks:

  • Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park extends westwards with its deep valleys and jagged mountains and with rolling landscapes to the east. Includes the mountain range Snøhetta.

< >You circle Dovre National Park, established as late as 2003 to protect unspoiled areas for some of Norway`s last wild reindeer.Rondane National Park is Norway`s oldest National Park, established in 1962. It is named after the majestic Rondane Massif.

For the avid cyclist seeking physical challenge, Tour de Dovre won`t disappoint. The area is known for its rugged and mountainous landscapes and cyclists will encounter steep ascents, challenging descents, and winding mountain roads. The sense of accomplishment at the end of each day is unmatched.

Keep an eye out for the local wildlife. Dovrefjell is home to the mighty musk ox, a true symbol of the region. Spotting these impressive creatures in their natural habitat is a unique and unforgettable experience. We recommend you join a musk ox safari for the extra day at Hjerkinn, where we can almost guarantee you will see these animals. It is also possible to hike mount Snøhetta or visit the famous viewpoint SNØHETTA.

The combination of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and physical challenge creates an unforgettable adventure. Don`t miss the chance to cycle through the heart of Norway`s natural wonders and cultural heritage. Join Tour de Dovre, where every pedal stroke leads to a new adventure and a deeper connection with the stunning Norwegian landscape. Book you spot today and be prepared for the ride of a lifetime.

NB! After booking you will receive a new e-mail from us when the accommodation has been confirmed. This may take from a few hours up to 3 business days. Please do not book your flights until you have received the confirmation from us. 


  • This is a self-guided tour. This means going on your own and deciding your own pace. You can take a break, shortcut or detour whenever you want. The tour includes luggage transfer.

    TOUR DATES 2024: Starts Sundays 16 June - 18 August. Other dates on request.


    DISTANCE: 126 km + optional detours

    LEVEL:  Moderate. For people who are in generally good condition, and have previous cycling experience. Must be prepared for all kinds of weather. Daily stages approx. 20 - 50 km.
    In bad weather with rain and/or wind, the trips become more strenuous.
    For safety reasons, we recommend that at least two people ride together.

  • Day 1: Arrive in Dombås

    By public transport: Train from Trondheim or Oslo.
    By own car: You can park your car at Dombås ski lifts, next to Trolltun Gjestegård, or behind Dombås Church.

    If you arrive early, we recommend a tour along the cycling trail from Dombås to Bjorli. The trail is well signposted and mostly follows gravel roads and forest trails on the south side of the Lesja Valley (requires an extra day with rental bike).

    Accommodation at Trolltun Gjestegård (Guesthouse)

  • Day 2: Bike Dombås - Hjerkinn, 32 km

    Pick up rental bikes.
    Today's stage follows the National Park Trail across the Dovrefjell plateaux with no motorised vehicles, except E-bikes. The newly constructed cycle path was officially opened in September 2017. This is a narrow gravel road that starts in the center of Dombås and winds uphill the first 5-6 km and then flattens out. Experience the rounded peaks, wide plains, and moorlands typical of the south-eastern area of Dovre. At lake Vålåsjøen, you can stop for a rest and even go for a swim.

    Accommodation at Hjerkinn Fjellstue

  • Day 3: Discover what Dovrefjell has to offer

    - Hike along the Pilgrim`s Path northwards, to Kongsvold (5 hours). Return by train in the afternoon.
    - Bus to Snøheim Lodge and hike the summit of Snøhetta.
    - Join a guided Musk Ox Safari (must be pre-booked).
    - Horseback riding in the mountains with a guide, arranged by Hjerkinn Fjellstue
    - Visit Viewpoint Snøhetta and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center at Hjerkinn

    Accommodation at Hjerkinn Fjellstue

  • Day 4: Bike Hjerkinn - Grimsdalen, 48-58 km

    Between Hjerkinn and Folldal, you can choose the main road or some local, quiet, dirt roads. In Folldal, we recommend taking a slightly steep detour and visit the old Folldal Mines.
    From Folldal, it is slightly uphill all the way to Grimsdalshytta Lodge. Along the way, you get a glimpse of the majestic peaks of Rondane National Park southwards. We recommend a detour to Bergseng Seter, an old summer farm with a fantastic location and great views.

    Accommodation at Grimsdalshytta (DNT cabin with shared bathroom facilities) 

  • Day 5: Bike Grimsdalen - Dombås, 40 km

    A beautiful trip through what is described as Norway's most beautiful alpine pasture valley. Slightly uphill the first 10 kilometres, then a last tough hill towards the highest point at 1174 m. Suddenly, the valley opens up to the dizzyingly beautiful cultural landscape of Dovre and Gudbrandsdalen. If you slow down a little, you can enjoy the view of Jotunheimen-, Dovre- and Rondane National Parks. Down the valley, you pass the Budsjord Pilgrimage Farm, with over 17 historic buildings. The farm is open for dining in the summer season. The bicycle tour ends in Dombås.

    Departure from Dombås by own car or train from Dombås station (not included).

Departures and prices

Tour dates 2024: Starts Sundays 16 June - 18 August. Other dates on request.
Number of days:
Number of participants: No minimum requirement.

NB! After booking you will receive a new e-mail from us when the accommodation has been confirmed. This may take from a few hours up to 3 business days. Please do not book your flights until you have received the confirmation from us. 

Price per person 2024:
Per person in double room: NOK 8 400.-
Single room supplement: NOK 1 600.-

Price includes:
4 x accommodation with 3-course dinner, breakfast and self-packed lunch / refill own thermos.
Luggage transfer (1 item)
Tour description 

Not included:
Travel and cancellation insurance
Alcoholic drinks, soda drinks and snacks
Bike rental
Travel to and from Dombås

- Musk ox safari with guide (day 3): NOK XXX.-
- Train tickets to and from Dombås (price on request)
- Extra night before/after the tour: NOK 1 200.- in double room / NOK 1 650.- in single room (incl. 3-course dinner, breakfast and self-packed lunch).

Bike rental 2024:
Mountain bike  (4 days): NOK 1 440.- (extra day, NOK 360.-)
E-bike (4 days): NOK 2 160.- (extra day, NOK 540.-)

Included in the bike rental:                           
Helmet, pump, 2 panniers, waterbottle holder, tire lever tool and extra inner tube (which must be paid for if it has been used).

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