You will find more detailed information under the practical information section for each of the different tours (ski tours, biking tours, hiking tours).

General terms
The general terms of Discover Norway AS are based on an agreement between “Law of Package Tours” of 25.08.1995 as well as the “General Terms of Package Tours” agreed upon 01.10.1997 in co-operation between The Norwegian Travel Trade Association and the ombudsman for Norwegian consumers. We reserve the right to alter the terms which may be affected by new EU-directives concerning package tours.

Booking and payment
When booking an affirmation and an invoice for the whole trip will be sent to you. We will send you a link for credit card-payment, if you like:
The booking is binding when the invoice is paid. An unpaid invoice is not acceptable as a form of cancellation. A cancellation may be made in writing or orally. The final invoice falling due is 40 days before the beginning of the tour. When the booking is made less than 40 days before the start of the tour, the order is binding at the time of booking.

The customer must always check that the received travel confirmation and invoice are in accordance with his/ her booking. In the case of any mistakes, Discover Norway AS must be contacted at the earliest possible date. See Cancellation. A fee on NOK 50,- is added to each invoice.

Amendment fee.
Event of changes that involves additional work, may apply an extra charge of NOK 250 - 500,- per booking.

The traveler can cancel the tour before its commencement according to the following rules:
By cancelling more than 40 days prior to the start of the tour, an administration fee of NOK 500 is to be paid.
By cancelling between 39 and 15 days before the tour begins, 50% of the total price is refunded.
By cancelling less than 14 days before the tour starts or by no show, you have to pay the full amount (100%).  We recommend you to check with you insurance company if it is possible to purchase cancellation insurance (in case of illness before you leave for the tour) as well as a travel insurance.

Cancellation due to illness
We recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance in case of illness combining it with your accident insurance. Check with your insurance company whether you already have valid cancel insurance.

Travel insurance
We recommend that you purchase travel and cancellation insurance. The terms can vary with different insurance companies; check the specific terms with your insurance company.
Luggage Transport
With luggage transport can only be sent clothing and equipment not needed for upcoming day trip and the estimated one per package / person. Preferably not small additional piece!
Valuables with low weight and great value, such as money, jewelry, cameras, passports, credit cards etc. should the traveler be wearing at all times.
Your luggage is sent at your own risk – by damage of the suitcase or something gets lost as regards the traveler's insurance.
Remember to bring the necessary equipment for the leg on the bike.

Cancellation of a tour
A tour can be stopped by Discover Norway AS if:
- There are not enough participants (the minimum number of participants is stated under each tour). The cancellation of a tour is made by us at least a fortnight before its commencement.
- Conditions that Discover Norway AS has no way of controlling (force majeure), e.g. natural disasters, labor conflicts etc.
- Conditions at the destination or along the route that makes the trip risky to accomplish.
When a tour is stopped, the traveler has the choice between a new tour and a full refund.

Prices – change in prices
The prices include those services described under each tour; specified in the invoice. The basis of the prices is the price and tax level at the time of production. We reserve the right to change the prices in case of the introduction of new and/ or unexpected regulations; price changes will not occur later than 30 days before the start of the tour.

Complaints/ period for submitting a complaint
Complaints in connection to accommodation, the food etc. must be made immediately to the travel guide or to our office. If not, the customer loses the right to assert his/ her case. Furthermore, the complaint must be made before 1 month after returning home, unless there are particular reasons that are understandable making it possible to extend the period of submitting the complaint. Comments in connection with the evaluation questionnaire after the tour are not reckoned as written complaints.

Reservation concerning changes in the program
We reserve the right to alter the printed program. All such changes will be made public by way of personal correspondence.

Discover Norway AS is member of The Travel Guarantee Fund (Reisegarantifondet).