This tour is on request, ie you can contact us with your preferred date and we will check for availability.

From Venabygdsfjellet to Lillehammer, 8 days and approx. 115 km. A great ski trip in the southern part of the Troll Trail. To begin with, you stay 4 days at Venabu, which is stuated in the forecourt of the Nationalpark Rondane.  You can ski short or long trips in the area, before you "connect" to the ordinary Troll-Trail and continue together with the group southwards to Lillehammer.

The tour runs from open mountain terrain in the north, via a more "friendly" terrain to the Olympic city of Lillehammer in the south. Rondane massif is a nice scenery in the background. The route crosses Øksendalen, continues past mountain farms on Øyerfjellet, and further on to Nordseter, Sjusjøen and Lillehammer.

Track and ski:
The trail passes through varied terrain. The trail runs mostly in well prepared track, but sometimes you will have short distances where the trails are not so well prepared.  The trip is best suited for well-trained skiers. Good touring skis/ normal cross-country skis are recommended.
There are opportunities for ski rental at Venabu Fjellhotell.

With luggage transfer - witout guide:
While you are out skiing, your luggage is transferred to the next accommodation, except day 6 and 7, when you have to carry all that you need for staying one night at the self-service cabin, Vetåbua. All other days you'll only have to bring a small backpack with extra clothes and food for the day.
This is a self guided-tour. We provide maps and tour description. Although the trail is marked, you should be familiar with using a maps in addition to the tour description.
At Venabu the tour is connected to the group that skis the ordinary Troll-Trail from Høvringen/Rondane to Lillehammer.