Price from:
11 600,-
Days: 8
Accomodation 7 Nights in doubleroom, 7 x dinner, breakfast and selfmade lunchpacket / refill own Thermos. Lugggagetransport. Map and tourdescription. Bus/Train Oslo Airport / retourn.
Transport method: No transport
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Cross-country skiing from north to south, starting at Høvringen - the gateway to Rondane National Park. You ski in 800 - 1000 meters altitude, with spectacular views of the Rondane Mountains, which include 10 peaks beyond 2000 meters.
The tour runs from north to south and ends at Venabygdsfjellet, which is the gateway to Rondane from the south.

This part of Rondane offers spectacular scenery, varied skiing terrain and traditional accommodation.
You stay 2 - 3 nights in each place. At each destinations you find many great skiing alternatives.

Daily stages between destinations:
Day 3:
Høvringen - Kvamsfjellet (Rondablikk) - 30 km
Easy to medium demanding daytrip.
The trail runs in alpine terrain and can be demanding in bad weather. Partly groomed tracks.

Day 5:
Rondablikk - Venabu - 33 km
Long and demanding daytrip.
In case of bad weather, this can be a daunting trip, as large parts of the trail runs in open mountain terrain. The trail is marked, but only parts of the trail is groomed.

It is possible to get a ride with the luggage transport when you swich destinations.

For whom:
This trip fits experienced skiers in good shape (over average). You need to master the use of maps and compass, and be prepared for all kinds of weather.

Track and skis:
The Troll Trail offers daily stages of 17 to 36 km. On certain parts, the trail is groomed daily, on others only when necessary. The weather can be rough, with heavy snowfall and winds. Under such conditions it is difficult to maintain the tracks, and you must follow marking and use maps and compass.

We recommend good Back country skis with half steel edges. There are opportunities for ski rental at Høvringen. Hire in Norway will normally be on 'waxable' skis. The stable Norwegian snow conditions mean waxing is easy to pick up and you'll soon feel the benefits of a faster glide on a well waxed ski! The skis at Høveringen are half-metal edged with Back Country boots and bindings. We advise that if hiring, you hire skis AND boots, rather than hoping your boots will fit the bindings.