Price from:
11 600,-
Days: 8
Accomodation 7 Nights in doubleroom, 7 x dinner, breakfast and selfmade lunchpacket / refill own Thermos. Lugggagetransport. Map and tourdescription. Bus/Train Oslo Airport / retourn.
Transport method: No transport
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Cross country skiing from north to south, starting at Høvringen - the gateway to Rondane National Park. You ski in 800 - 100 meters altitude, with spectacular views of the Rondane Mountains, which include 10 peaks beyond 2000 meters.
The tour continues south and ends at Venabygdsfjellet, which is the gateway to Rondane from the south.

This part of Rondane offers spectacular scenery, varied skiing terrain and traditional accommodation.
You stay 2 - 3 nights in each place. At each destinations you find many great skiing alternatives.
The trails are partially groomed, but we recommend skis with steel edges, bacause of the high mountain terrain.

It is possible to get a ride with the luggage transport when you swich destinations.

The tour is suitable for people with normal/good shape. You should be accustomed to skiing in the mountainterrain, sometimes without tracks.

Daily stages between destinations:
Day 3:
Høvringen - Kvamsfjellet (Rondablikk) - 30 km - easy to medium demanding tour.
The trail runs in alpine terrain and can be demanding in bad weather. Partly groomed tracks.

Day 5:
Rondablikk - Venabu - 33 km - demanding tour.
In case of bad weather, this can be a daunting trip when large parts of the trail goes in open mountain terrain. The trail is marked, but only parts of the trail is groomed.