Norske Bygdeopplevelser as is a private joint-stock company, owned  by Britt Elton and  Borghild Krossli. Until 1 of January 2016 the company was owned by Britt Elton and Øyvind Nordset. The company was established in 1998 with office in Lillehammer.
Britt Elton has worked in the comany the whole time and  has long experience within the tourist industry in Norway, amongst others within the organization and carrying out the Olympic Winter Games in 1994.
Borghild Krossli has also long experience from the tourist industry in Norway and from 1. februar  we get at new college. Hilde RIndal is also joining our team.

We find great pleasure in walking, biking and skiing in the nature ourselves, and we can offer you first hand knowledge about our trips. We set up most of them ourselves and tested them as well, so we can therefore give you detailed information about the trips, the level of difficulty, the accommodation sited, etc. when you book one of our tours.

The development of the company came step by step. From 2-3 bike trips and procurement of farm vacations limited to the counties of Hedmark and Oppland in 1998, we have expanded and now offer bike-trips in most parts of Norway, as well as hiking- and ski-tours from hotel to hotel with luggage transport.

Who are customers of Norske Bygdeopplevelser as?

About 80% of them are Norwegians: mainly families with children, adults, groups (friends, sport groups, companies, etc.). Many of our customers return to booking trips with us year by year.
In the winter the customers come from USA, Canada, Alaska, Germany, Switzerland, the Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Britain.
In the summer vi have customers from Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, Israel, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Britain, Denmark, Sweden etc.